Thursday, February 15, 2007


I'm envious of my sons relationship with his blankie. Although I have a pretty darn good relationship with the 'Love Blanket', It's really nowhere near the love my son has for his 'Bankie'. He kind of reminds me of Pigpen from Charlie Brown, but without the dirt. Gabe has some OCDish qualities about him, and dirt on himself or his prized bankie is reason enough to whimper and cry. I hope to use my renowned scare tactics to rid him of those behaviours also. I can just picture it... a farm kid that's vehemently opposed to getting dirty. The bubble boy of the barn..has to wear a bee keepers outfit just to milk the cows. Ya. It's got to end. Soon.

Anyway, back to the blankie....This green, knitted jewel is a band-aid, a hide-out, a kleenex, a pillow, a sweater, and a friend...also a partner to the infamous 'baby'. (his teddy bear that comes with is not whole without the other)

If Gabe is hurt he just rubs his magic blankie upon his wound and all is healed, If he is scared he just holds blankie tight and his nerves are calmed. It's a bond that I'm not ready to break yet, ..blankie is like my helping hand...comforting my oldest, while my youngest requires my attention....ALL of my attention. I'm thinking of using her blankie to tie her down to the coffee table, Oh life would be so easy ...

Yesterday when Dwight hurt his finger, Gabriel was very attentive, watching his daddy soak his wound and bandage it up. He went to the living room and found his precious knitted friend and brought it to his Dad, saying,

"Daddy, you can take your band-aids off and use my blankie, it will make you all better. Just rub it on your owwie, and it will be all gone."

If only we all had these magical blankies ... sicknesses, fears, harsh words, scary moments and cold hands would all be eased.

I say I'm envious of this child and his ability to comforted so easily, but I know in my heart I have that comfort too .... it involves prayer and relying on my Saviour. It's me that needs to have the faith of a child and realize that everything is in his hands, he has my life in control, from beginning to end. No matter how I believe a situation should go, how a person should be healed, how prayers SHOULD be answered with a yes every time...I need to have the faith and trust in my God, knowing he allows everything to happen for the greater good, no matter what my faulty self might like.

I am so thankful for my God, my comforter, my peace, my blanket, as it were.


girlebert said...

Tom would like your blankie Gabe..., Tom has been sick all week, and it might help him feel better:)
Enjoy your day

Judi said...

Oh my. My little Miss O had a blanket like that. You should see it. It is really just a ball of yarn now. But it meant the same to her. She is 8 now and wouldn't be caught dead even discussing it. But it wasn't so long ago she still slept with it! And I love what you wrote about God being your blanket. How cool. I feel the same!:)