Friday, February 23, 2007

The Hubs and I have been scrimping our pennies to save up for a new dining room set. Our current table and chairs were a lovely selection from a garage sale. Actually, some very kind family friends of ours (who are garage sale guru's) were able to score this find from their Asian neighbours... It really was a wonderful set for a newly married couple that hadn't a material possession to their newly married names.

Here's the thing. Now that the set will be an additional 5 years old, it really should be declared an the state it's in and by counting its rings (coffee rings that is) I can see it had approx. 30 years of meals served upon it's lovely face, before we inherited it. The antique served us well until about a year ago, when the spindles started falling out of the legs. I thought 'ahhh..spindles schmindles' until the chairs became rocking chairs and I became acutely aware of my weight pressing upon the small insert on the top of the chair.

I no longer say 'spindles schmindles' but rather pick them up and replace them ASAP, for fear of landing my rather large bottom through the chair and the four legs collapsing beneath me.

Our hutch was inherited from The Hubs grandparents, and although it's in fair shape, it holds no resemblance to our Asian antique. We also have a corner cabinet that we scored from Dwight's Mom, when she was redecorating her kitchen, and it too bears no likeness to it's dining companions. I do love this shelf though, and think a fresh coat of paint would spruce it up enough to keep it on, with a new dining set.

The Dining room is verrryyy......eclectic, to put it nicely :)

Hopefully sooner than later I'll be telling you about a new set, that'll fit more than 6 people...seeing as the hubs now has 5 sisters WITH significant others, and there are 4 grandkids, and of course grand that brings us to a total of ...18 people. Huh. well then. Perhaps I won't find a table THAT big, but big enough to at least have company over comfortably.

We'll be on the search soon...yippee!!

Next up will be our living room set, it too was inheirited from my Aunt and Uncle, it's been through many a livingrooms and has found a loving home here...but I believe it's approaching my age, and it's beginning to show it's wear. We'll be re-fitting it into our 'kids room' once we buy a new one ....but that won't be for a while.... dining rooms first.


Our 4 Munchkins...6 pigtales & a buzzcut! said...

Sounds like fun Leanne, I can't wait till we can do that too. We are gonna wait though as well..lets just say that the kids are pretty hard on furniture right we are gonna wait till they " calm " down a Have fun picking out your new " Duds " for your home!


girlebert said...

I thought you already had one picked out:) you just had to order it when money permitted:):) Remember the same one we both liked and saw it in 2 different locations!! Let me know whatcha decide on:):)

Anonymous said...

I would love to just have a table to seat six! Mine only seats four. And my chairs are falling apart too!