Tuesday, February 13, 2007


(I must ask you to read with a flair of sarcasm...(I see by Jen's comment, that this was not originally portrayed... my apologies if you actually thought breaking down boxes was genius...)

I have moments of pure genius when I slumber. I really should have a notepad beside my bed, to write down my astonishing moments of greatness. For instance, last night, I figured out that I could conserve so much more space in my 'burn box' (we burn our cardboard here on the ranch, ..hyuck..) if I would just disassemble each box and flatten it before putting it in the bin. Genius I tell you. How is it that these things just don't come to me during the daylight hours?

I've also been known to talk in my sleep. The hubs has some very deep, dark secrets stored up, for such a moment as would require the telling of a deep, dark secret. Thankfully that moment has not yet arisen...and if he knows whats good for him, that moment will never come to fruition.

Once upon a midnight hour, I (deep in my sleep) grabbed my husbands index finger and thrust it into the wall beside me. I murmured that "we must paint each room, and the ceilings must be done immediately... Zzzzz..." This was within the first few months of marriage, and I'm sure he was convinced of his suspicions, he had definitely married a lunatic.

I believe my sleep talking has become a rarer event since the birth of my children...I haven't the time to worry about painting, or much else...rather, my mind lets itself wander to the simpler troubles ...like the burn box.

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Anonymous said...

ummm, yes genius...ahem...snicker...whom ever would have thought to break down boxes to make more room...not me...that's...snort...for sure.