Monday, February 26, 2007


3 cats, 5 kittens, 2 kids, and a husband ...are keeping me busy. I've taken some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Once Layla had finished delivering her kittens, and had cleaned herself up, I moved her into a larger diaper box with some clean blankets. She is just so content. I think we may have some trouble in the spring, getting her used to the barn again!

She is a very maternal cat, and has done a wonderful job raising many litters. It's about time she got some pampering :)

My two Toms (Logie and Caleb(aka Fat Cat)) know something is up, but have yet to meet Layla. I know they can hear the mewing at night, and neither have come to our bed since she's been here, so I'm sure their quietly perched outside the den door, sniffing to their hearts content, while savouring the speculation of what is occuring behind closed doors.

It's been fun for the kids to see the kittens,... Gabriel more so. Ashlyn tends to bound her way into the room, saying (in her loudest, most excited!, voice possible) Titty, Titty, Meeeeoww!!! over and over and over. Layla, looks at her with pure disdain, hoping for her quick exit. Gabriel on the other hand gently bends down and squats on his legs beside the box, and says "Hi Yay-ya, it's me Gabeeil, don't be scared..", " Awww, you're such a sweetheart" and " you have 5 kitties..they're sooo cute!!". He asks all about them, and loves to hear their mews.

In other news, I've been saving some seeds for planting in the spring. We're hoping to start another vegetable garden, and rather than go for the greenhouse, I thought I'd start this way instead.

We have a friend of the family, Mr. Saunders, who was willing to help me in the area of tomatoes. He is an organic farmer, and a Jack of all Trades, he donated some organic tomato seeds to my gardening project, and gave me extensive advice on how to start my seeds.

He also raises sheep, and we thought it would make a fun trip for the kids to see some baby lambs...

They were just adorable, and Mr. Saunders was giggling at Ashlyn who kept saying "Hiieee" over and over to the lamb he was holding for her...too cute.

Jen will be helping me in the garden come spring, and as she says, we'll be donning our aprons and putting the children in their bonnets. We're going back to ages of self-sufficiency, and the anticipation has got me thrilled. We hope to raise some pigs and chickens this spring as well and the thought of a full freezer and canned goods lining my walls by next winter, is a good feeling that I NEVER thought my little brain would possess.

I wasn't raised a farmer. Far from it actually. But God knew me too well to stick me in a city life, and my blood screams farm girl, I love it. There are certain things I just can't handle, and I'm sure my in-laws could tell you that ... but I'm getting better, and this family leaves room for growth. I wasn't expected to dive right in and lose my identity, which I think has brought me closer to this world of agriculture...

My bones are aching for spring, my fingers are ready for the dirt, and I'm ready to feel the freedom that only the vast land on a farm can bring to this girl.


Kelly said...

Hey Leanne. Your kittens are so adorable. If you ever are looking for a home for them let me know because the orange one on the top looks a lot like Ginger! And the lamb is adorable too! I am getting excited about spring as well. We can swap gardening tips as I am hoping to start a vegetable garden this summer. Anyways, have fun with the kittens.

Judi said...

CUTE kittens. I love cats and they are so precious. I love the fact that you are going to have a vegetable garden. I would love to do that. I wish we lived on a farm. I am a farm girl at heart. Your kids sound so precious!

P.S. I hope you are gearing up for American Idol

Fiddledeedee (It Coulda' Been Worse) said...

I think I would be in heaven, living on a farm. My grandparents were farmers. Wide open spaces. Awesome.

girlebert said...

Hey, we wont' be coming for a LONG TIME as..., Alyssa will just bug me to get a kitty kat!! SHe has DESPERATELY wanted one for SO long!!
Hope your fostering is going well.