Friday, March 30, 2007

Features ...

We were doing so well.

Isn't it always the case...just when you decide to buy a dining room set, the car decides to throw in a lot of unnecessary drama.

We were driving to London the other day when the problems began...the thumping, the slipping of gears...and the dreaded jet engine sounds. The Hubs quickly diagnosed it as the transmission.

Lucky for us, cousin Dave was in his shop and we were able to stop in for a quick check up. He hopped into our Explorer and within 3 minutes of driving, it was the official diagnosis. The 'tranny' was gone. shot. kaput. on it's last leg.

So we hung our heads and slowly made our way home. I was disheartened, thinking of how we had just finished paying for this car..and we are again, either laying down over 2000 for a fix up or searching for something else.

The Hubs helped to put it all in perspective for me, and reminded me that God has a plan, and we should be grateful for the few months we've gone without any payments. He was right.

After a phone call to our trusted dealer, he gave us 2 options...a brand new van ...or an older model that was loaded and in our price range.

This is where it gets good.

You'll never guess what feature this sweet ride had...... I'm sure you're thinking DVD or perhaps 6 disc changer...oh no my friends....think vintage. Think...1980's.

Oh yes, she sports a VCR. ...You think I'm kidding? ... would I make that up?

Between the front drivers chairs there lies a console. Under said console lies a Video Cassette Recorder...with 2 headsets and a remote. ...'cause it's just so doggone far away. I just hate having to get up to change the channels from my front seat ...reaching down to press a button...I break a sweat.

It really was the deciding factor in our we get the van with the VCR or the van with low kilometres and a warranty...?? Shoot...the VCR of course!!

So it is currently residing in my garage, after having sashayed myself and the kids to Tim Hortons.... and yes....Baby Einstein was playing all the way.

My next trip you ask? Getting drive thru McDonald's and renting Footloose on VHS with my friend Jen, while parked in a low-lit parking area, dining in the back seat.

I feel like a real mom.
I drive a minivan.
It has a VCR.


Anonymous said...

WOO HOO!!!! Way to go! But bummer about the dining set.

Anonymous said...

Wellllll....we're still getting the dining set, it's on order and should be here by next month, least gives us a grace period :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, your new ride is totally pimped out. The VCR is slammin. Can't wait for footloose and Big Bacon Classics....Bow Chicka.

Mandalyn said...

WOW! You have to post a picture for us!

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

TeaMouse said...

Footloose and fancy free - you can have a Thelma and Louise evening with less violence and more chick time....have a blast with your van from the past.

JennyMcB said...

Found you through a link that Teamouse left at Amy's. Your story reminded me of our last mini van purchase. A used dealer "lent" us the loaded mini van that had a nintendo in it. I was so glad that it had a lot of miles on it, didn't like the nintendo and the kids accepted our reasoning.

Glad it worked out and don't we all have enough vhs tapes still?


Anonymous said...

Sweetness - me too! Got my used van last Saturday and it has proven to be the greatest thing. No VHS though - You're so LUCKY! Love ya and hope to see you soon ;)