Saturday, March 31, 2007

She's FILTHY rich.

2 Days ago my darling daughter found a penny on the floor and decided she'd like to digest the copper piece. And there it went, in the mouth and down the hatch.

After calling several people, it was decided that I should wait for it to 'pass'. If it didn't in 48 hours then I should bring her to get x-rays.

Well today she must have been clenching her lucky penny (ahem) 'cause out it came...Her stomach acids polished it up quite nicely...(that is once I washed it...) case you're wondering.

She just shakes her money maker and out come the coins....... (sorry...)


Mandalyn said...

That is so hilarious!! LOL!

TeaMouse said...

Too cute!

My daughter swallowed a button when she was 2 - naturally like any good mom I washed it and put it promptly in her baby book when it turned up in her diaper.

Gives you some good stories for later on when the boys come a knockin'!

Anonymous said...

Once again I am laughing so hard I almost wet my pants! You crack me up.

Natalie, Greg & Isaiah... and Raider! said...

We were just talking about that because Greg's mom bought Isaiah a "little man" ring and I'm figuring since he sucks on his fingers like they're going out of style, that will go down the hatch within seconds when he wears it at his baptism. Hey, if a penny can pass, maybe it will too!