Saturday, March 17, 2007

spring has sprung..

Things are beginning to look like spring around here....kittens being born, basements flooding, mud sliding.

But the true sign of spring in our household, is when the Hubs finally allows me to shave off his winter warmth. His beard that is.

His Dads side of the family has red hair genes, and although The hubs hair isn't red, his beard is. He kind of reminds me of an Irish leprechaun some winter days. His sparkling eyes, red beard, and little hop to his step (moreso due to the need for new orthopedics rather than a little jig in black buckled shoes...)

Last night was the night, I finally convinced him that he would no longer need the red rug on his face, and he caved. I was allowed to trim off the beard to a 5 o'clock shadow (which I have to say is so very good looking on my man) and cut his hair nice and short...not that it ever gets very long, just needed a trim.

Birds are chirping, the house is rid of it's dust bunnies, and I can finally see my husband. Ahhh, it's gonna be a good spring.

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