Saturday, March 17, 2007

Conversations With a 2 Year Old

Gabriel: 'Momma, you remember Noah?'

Mommy: ' Yes I remember the story of Noah... We can read about it in the Bible'

Gabe: ' Noah is in the Bible?'

Mommy: ' Yes, would you like to read it with me?'

Gabriel: ' No momma, I just want to watch the DVD...'

I'm sure I'll be hearing that many times in his learning life, as this is the generation of TV.

And here it begins. I must now instill the importance of literacy in my children...he's only 2, but it starts now. I don't want him to be the kid who reaches for the 'Coles Notes' every time he's asked to do a book review, or study project.

I want him to know of the wondrous world that a good book can take you to, or for him to know of the history of our species, or for him to read of the love of our great God.

Reading is a passion of mine...I couldn't be who I am without being able to read...and I want the same for my children. I go to find Noah in the childrens Bible, I'll be using my many character voices, and as much expression and drama as possible...after all, these are the beginnings of a great relationship with books.


TeaMouse said...

How wonderful to see such a love of books being carried on to the children.

I too love to read and I tried to instill that in both of mine, however only one is a book worm. I'm still holding out hope that the other will catch the reading fever as well.

scribbit said...

Maybe that's why I've hesitated to take the kids to Charlotte's Web. I've heard it's good but I loved the book so much I've not wanted them to think of the movie as the experience. I'd rather read the story to them.

Natalie, Greg & Isaiah... and Raider! said...

Good for you, Leanne... I too hope to instill a love (if not at least an appreciation) for reading and for literature in Isaiah. I always try to read to him before bed. And I must say as an English teacher, I love parents like you!! I'm often astounded at how wide the spectrum in terms of ability to read at the grade nine level especially.

Anonymous said...

hey Nat, yes ...instill a love, that's my ambition... we also read to Gabe every night, but apparently he's still more into the DVDs!!!