Monday, March 19, 2007

Lights and a Cabinet...

Usually you can count on me to have a new post every other day or so .... but lately I've been a little less than reliable in the blogging department.

Although there's still an adequate amount of snow on the ground, us folks are already thinking about spring. Today was a day of finishing up some house projects that have been looming, and that I have just wanted to have done before the warm weather hits and by then I've got enough to do outside.
The Hubs was on side with the home detailing, as it's a blizzard here today and he didn't have a pile of work in the barn. So we went at things as a team. He decided I should paint my corner cabinet in the dining room, and I decided he should install the new light fixtures in the bedrooms. We both agreed.
Off he went to tackle his lights....and I got busy with the painting.

Here's a pic of the BEFORE shot of the cabinet (on it's side) ....

And after 3 coats of paint I used a bit of sandpaper to give it a worn antique finish...which to some may seem a little ridiculous to freshly paint something, only to wear it off, making it look dinged up, and old fashioned....but that was the look I wanted.

So here's how it turned out:

I'm pretty happy with the end result....and the hubs lights look great. It's been a productive day here...and because of that, all of the regular duties have been neglected, so off I go to do some dishes and sweeping :)


Our 4 Munchkins...6 pigtales & a buzzcut! said...

Your cabinet looks great! I like the antique look..adds a lot of character to it.

TeaMouse said...

That turned out wonderfully - I love the antiqued look of it. I love the water pitcher and basin on it - quite lovely. A good reason to be away from your blog for sure!