Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Here kitty kitty...

Well it's official. They are once again barn cats. I know, I know some of you don't like the idea of them living in a barn, but we need mouse control out there...and they just happen to be very good at catching mice.
Yesterday was really the last straw for me. I was sitting quietly at the computer when the tiny ninjas were planning their attack. They were cavorting in the corner and were secrectly mewing about how they would shred me this time around.
The orange one was coaxed to come over to me and put on his best 'I'm so sweet and helpless, pleeease pick me up, mew mew' face, whilst the others sat back and waited for their moment.
I picked him up, just as their plot entailed, and then they began.
One after the other they speared out their tiny sharpened claws (they had been sharpening them all afternoon on the metal leg of my desk chair) and took a run, as fast as their stubby little legs would take them. They were aiming for my uncovered legs.
HI-YAA!!! ...1...2...3..4.... they all ran at me and took a running leap onto my bare legs, only to sink their little hook claws into my bare flesh.
I screamed and it meant nothing to them. Then they began to climb.
I counted 25 puncture wounds and scratches on my legs in the shower last night.
Needless to say, they are now residing in the very warm, very cozy calf barn. Now they can practice their ninja moves on the gangster mice. It's really best for all involved.
(UPDATE: LOL, I just realized I had written "I counted 25 puncture wounds and scratched on my legs in the shower last night" I had infact meant to write 'scratches' rather than 'scratched' ...cause that would be just gross. I wasn't scratchin' on my legs in the shower...)


TeaMouse said...

Mice beware!

JennaG said...

Those are such beautiful little innocent kittens! I just love them, but my kids are allergic! :(
Sorry about your scratches. Is that one of your bandaids in the picture?? LOL

Anonymous said...

Sure was Jenna!! lol...or it may have been one of Gabes ... he needed them just as much as I did!

Anonymous said...

They will probably love the barn. That picture is so cute. Thanks for visiting me today!

Elizabeth said...

HA! I can relate to that! I have a pretty little indoor kitty named Prissy, who, when she wants attention, but I am too busy, likes to make flying leaps onto my lap, claws out and ready to latch on, in the event that I try to "swipe her away". I cannot relate to many all at once though- Ouch!!! :) I hope your puncture wounds heal quickly :) Your story reminded me about the kid movie Cats and Dogs. Have you seen it? The sweet appearing kitties are actually villianous creatures that want to take over the world..hehehe :)