Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award...

It's unbelievable. Particularly since I just erased the post I was working on. How can it be that I was nominated for the coveted 'Thinking Blogger Award'?

It's unimaginable that there are people out in blog land that actually read my daily dose. To imagine that I am a thinker is well....humorous. Don't get me wrong ..there are lots of thoughts that travel through this noggin daily such as ... 'what am I having for dinner tonight' and 'how wonderful it is to know who Anna Nicole Smith's baby's father is, I can finally sleep' and 'How can I hide from my children today' and finally ' What bloggity goodness can I come up with for this post'.

Stimulating I tell you.

What a shock it was to be nominated for an award such as this, that would give the impression to others, that I may actually have something intelligent to offer...my apologies.

I feel very honoured nonetheless and would love to thank the sweet Judi from Mommy of two that nominated me. Here is the post she wrote about the awards, please read it to see the nice things she said about various blogs she nominated for the award.

Thus it brings me to the duty that is now required of me...listing 4 blogs that make me think.
(I would love to list my entire blog roll of friends, and to see that, you can go to the lower right hand side, there are some pretty great reads in there)

Here goes nothin'. (I'm going to try to list 4 blogs that aren't on my blog roll...other than #1)

1. Wilhoite Prayer Blog - This is the journal of a young mother that is suffering from Acute Myelogenous Leukemia cancer. She's been given a very short life expectancy, and yet she battles each day knowing God can heal her, if that is his plan. She reminds me of what is truly important, and she remains so focused on her love for the Saviour, especially through this unimaginably tough time. Please go and see her today, and leave her an uplifting comment would you?

2. Hello My Name Is Heather - This blog inspires my decorating side, she is absolutely the most creative and photogenic woman I have encountered. She sends me goosebumps when she posts those colourful pictures, and it makes me wanna be more creative. Her husband also has a wonderful photography blog, seen here.

3. Waar Is Lotte?- A dutch girl -Lotte- who spent a month here on our farm, has now travelled to Africa to continue her farming education. She is a wonderful person, inside and out. She became part of our family while she was here, and I love to keep up with her as she travels the world...it's my way of seeing the sights, without leaving my house! (her blog title means 'Where is Lotte?')

4. Homeliving Helper - Lady Lydia dishes up a good helping of thoughtful posts, never a dull one! She stays focused on Christ, and helps ladies who stay home, to be as productive as they can be. She has wonderful advice, and tells it like it should be. Thanks Lydia for making me think!

If you've been listed here, please feel free to post the award button on your blog.
There you go, now you've got some reading material!!!

Thanks again Judi!


Anonymous said...

You deserve it girl! I don't know what I would do without your blog to read! :)

Mandalyn said...

Congrats! I love reading your blog and think it is well deserved!!

Coach J said...

I haven't heard of any of those blogs. Thank you for pointing me to them.....especially Wilhoite Prayer Blog

Lady Lydia Speaks said...

I think the tabloids and the news media are almost the same in their sensational stories that keep everyone upset...they choose the most bizarre problems that anyone could ever have and help us all to hate life....and congratulations for being nominated. If you win, what is the prize? Thanks for posting on my blog.