Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Un-Fit Part Deux...

I truly have the best husband God could have given me.

I arrived home, my bleary eyes red and puffy, my legs hardly making it up the steps. He was doing the dishes, and Gabriel ran up to me saying 'Momma are you okay? What happened to you? Were the people mean to you?"

Once I had fully described the torture session, The Hubs got on the phone and called the gym. He talked directly to the 'nutritionist nazi' and told her to act more like a professional, to not use indecent language, and to try positive reinforcement rather than making someone feel like a useless piece of garbage.

She apologized and offered me 2 free nutrition sessions, and 2 personal training sessions.

Of course, I declined once the hubs told me what she had said. I believe there may have been some hip wiggling and finger waggling as I said ' OH YA, the poor girl that cried in the office gets a pity offering, No thank-you.'

The next morning, The Hubs still wasn't satisfied with having only spoken to the guilty party, so he called the General Manager. The GM was very sorry to hear what had taken place, and said that the nutritionist had only been there for a week, she was brand new, and he didn't know her very well. He was sad to hear what she had said, and asked if I would come and speak to him for a formal apology.

So as it stands I am no longer participating in the 'Required' Fit tests, and they've okayed that. As I am required to fulfill my 12 month membership, I will, but it will involve walking into the gym, swiping a card, and avoiding staff members at all cost.

I may even wear a hat and sunglasses, so they don't recognize me as the 'weak one'.

And no, it wasn't Curves, it was Premier Fitness. ( I feel better.) (Thanks for all of your's so wonderful to have y'all as a sounding board )


TeaMouse said...

Well I am glad you got it straightened around - great hubs! When you don't get satisifaction take it to the top I say!!!!!

Pop by to see the contest details - they are up now.

Pam said...

Glad to hear you have a man who stands up for you. Go, Hubs!

Our 4 Munchkins...6 pigtales & a buzzcut! said...

Hey girl...I hear ya..all that she said to you was so un called for..Let me at em'! Let me at em' I say!

Mandalyn said...

Yeah for your hubs! That's a good man to take up for you like that!!

I hope your gym experiences are better from now on!!:)

Jethro, Squirt and Mel said...

Leanne, your right...your very lucky to have Dwight as your husband. Dwight & his family are truly a great bunch of people to have the chance to know.
You & I should plan a nice little walk with the kids down your road. I think Kayla would love to meet Ashlyn & Gabe.