Thursday, April 12, 2007

Whats your emergency??

Tell me it's happened to you.


We were all upstairs and The Hubs and I were checking upon a trap we had set for the creature in the attic. (another post for another day...) The kids had followed us up, and were playing quietly together.

Quietly dialing 911.

There is a pretty coloured triangular button on the upstairs phone, that just screams 'PUSH ME!'...and so Gabe did as he felt he should do...and he pushed it.

The Hubs caught him red-handed and realized what he had done...and quickly plopped down the receiver. I told him they would call back if the call went through..and he didn't believe me.

Within 5 seconds the phone was ringing and sure enough it was the 911 call center. The Hubs stammered out that the kids had been playing with the phone, and that he was very sorry for any trouble.

I recalled a scenario that had taken place at my last position as a receptionist. Someone in the back had called 911 by accident and said they had rectified the situation, but in case someone should call, I needed to know about it. Sure enough within 15 minutes a police car pulled up and in came the officer, with his best stern face. He gave me the third degree, and watched my face so intently...I was afraid I might blink and he'd whip out his gun asking me to 'Put 'em up!'

After I told The Hubs this story, he told me to get dressed...and he called his Dad (who lives next door) to let him know what had happened in case a police car were to pull in the lane way.

As we've sat in the living room for the past 20 minutes, I see him looking up from his book at each passing car just waiting for the flashing lights. If I don't post in the next day or two, you'll know we've been put in the slammer for prank calls.

Have your children happened upon the emergency number yet?? If so, please tell me how it went :)


Pam said...

LOL! Hasn't happened to me yet, but when it does, I'll think of this post! My MIL accidently called 911 on her cell phone once. It was in her purse, and apparently mashed on the emergency button. A minute later, they were calling her. They said it happens all the time.

JennaG said...

And, you should think about posting your menus. It has been great for me--I actually have stuck to them most of the time. It feels good to be so organized!

Mandalyn said...

Haven't had that happen yet! I hope I don't! :) I would be nervous just waiting to see if they came!

Coach J said...

You have creatures in your attic? ha,ha,ha!! (I think something's wrong with me, I couldn't get past that fact.)
To tell you the truth, we are big animal lovers around here, and when I told my hubby you were a dairy farmer's wife, he liked you immediately. We'd love the opportunity to live on a wide-open space where he'd fill it with 100 chicks, goats, sheep, cows, and a horse for the daughter. (I didn't sign up for all that, but if it comes with him.....I guess I'll take it!)
I'm enjoying your blog, can't you tell?!?

Elizabeth said...

Sorry to say that this hasn't happened yet in our family, but Samuel may be the first- he has a GREAT fascination with phones, and is constantly finding them, and pushing buttons, then putting them up to his ear, answering with his cute little "hewwo", then sweetly saying "bye-bye" and "hanging up".
I hope not though!

Glad you haven't seen any flashing lights pulling up your drive yet! :)

TeaMouse said...

Had that happen before - made the mistake of putting 911 on speed dial, like somehow dialing 3 numbers was a challenge.

Luckily all I got was a stern talk down from the operator about the seriosness of 911 calls.

Anonymous said...

LOL! you just never know though huh...what if you were down and out and only had one finger movement left before you went under..I'd certainly want 911 on speed dial then....

mum2twelve said...

We had this happen, not once but twice and both of the times it was my husband!
His office number started with 991 so during our first month of living here he ended up dialing 911 and when it started ringing before he had finished dialing, he hung up and redialed correctly. So when 911 called back - the line was busy.
A few minutes later as my husband was listening to his messages on the bedroom phone the police showed up. The 12year old answered the door and when she said there was no emergency here they asked - 'Are there any little kids here, who might have dialed it?' We currently had 8 children most of them little, so our daughter actually laughed at the question. It was at that moment my husband appeared red faced and embarrassed. "I'm sorry, officers. I think it was me!" He explained what he had done and they laughed, told him to let it ring next time and explain the error, wished us a good day, and left.

What I dread more are those little red boxes so tantalizing to little fingers, which one of our children actually pulled much to the consternation of the ballet company in various forms of undress following the Cinderella ballet we had just attended. My oldest child was one of them... at 16 she dealt with it quite well and did not bother to correct the other dancers' mistaken belief that the guilty party was three. In truth he had just turned five but was a bit on the short side for his age!

After the fire department left and all the dancers were allowed back in to finish changing into their street clothes, many of them came upstairs to cuddle the culprit and laugh with me!