Friday, April 13, 2007


There has been a change to our routine here on the farm.

The Hubs is trying to take advantage of some 'incentive days' the milk board is offering, and he's decided to try milking 3 times a day, rather than the typical 2.

This means he'll continue to get up at 4 am, complete a milking, go out again at 12:00pm, complete a milking, then go out again at 8 pm and complete a milking.

There are some advantages to this new schedule that have me excited. For instance, instead of the kids eating dinner at 7pm each night, we'll be moving it ahead to 5:30 pm. We tried it tonight, and it was great! They both ate a plate full of food...typically they have some cheese or grapes or some crackers before Dwight gets back in, and then they're not as hungry for the good stuff.

Also, it'll help to increase the production of milk given by the cows. There's the potential for an extra 200 or more litres of milk per day.

And Finally, The hubs'll be here for putting the kids to bed before he goes out, then I'll have 2 hours of peace and quiet. I will certainly miss that time with Dwight, but he'll be back in around 9:30...which isn't too late.

Hope you're looking forward to some good evening posts...all this quiet time oughtta' bring on some good writing.

Until tonight my dears.

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