Thursday, September 20, 2007

Placentas and pastries...

Today I had my doctors appointment following my 20 week ultrasound, and it looks as though I'll be having to go for another ultrasound as I have a low-lying placenta. It's approximately 1 cm from the cervix opening and will pose a bit of a problem come delivery. BUT the good news is that it should move up just enough before the big birthday arrives, the doctor seemed pretty confident that everything would work itself out by then.

The other good news is that I now have a better chance of finding out the gender of the baby. At the other ultrasound the baby had its legs tight together and was being quite modest (which makes me think girl!!) and enough so that the tech couldn't decipher the gender. So we'll keep our fingers crossed that the legs WONT be crossed at this next ultrasound which will take place in one months time.

After gaining 5 whole friggin' pounds at this app't (since my last app't one month ago) I've decided to swear off pop for the remainder of the pregnancy ... (that was, after I went to the local bakery and purchased a fresh supply of pastries...ahem.)

So I may be slightly less caffeinated next time I post to you, and a lot less the posts may become slightly brazen, and candid.

Consider that a fair warning... ;-)


The Rebelo Family said...

I'm glad you'll get the chance to possibly find out the gender; it was a new kind of excitement for us this go 'round. I sympathize with the weight gain - my doctor had to reschedule my normal 4 week appointment so it was 7 weeks after my last and I'd managed to gain 10.5 lbs. in that time! I should've known that was coming because my belly has undergone a severe growth spurt in the past few weeks... that's why we thought it would be a boy! By the way, the race is on... Though if this baby is like Isaiah, it'll be a February due date in actuality!

Coach J said...

You're so funny!
Are you going to tell us the gender if you find out??!! Or will you let it be a surprise to us?