Thursday, August 28, 2008


Our big holiday this year has come and gone, and like other recent years, holidays are really more about the anticipation than the actual holi-daying. I tend to forget all the gruesome details of past vacations .... (Frankenmuth) and focus on the party in my head. Which includes a wonderful assortment of positive thoughts and adrenaline packed possibilities.

Why don't I learn?

Truthfully? It coulda been worse. We decided to venture on a day trip (from where we we staying) to Ottawa, the lovely capital of our Country. It's so rich in history, culture, and business, and THAT just screams 4 year old, 2 year old, and 6 month old huh? Right. See thats where my head party takes over and allows for no rational thought. *sigh*

Anywho, on this day trip to Ottawa, we decided it would be fun AND educational for the children to view the changing of the guards. It did turn out to be fascinating, ... for the first oh ..20 minutes..., it was the last 45 that were the BEST. (I'm kidding. I really wish there was a way to smear my sarcasm on the screen...but alas...)

So there they were pointing out the big hats and shiny buttons, the booming drum and the squawking bagpipes. It was quite a show.

Ashlyn and I in front of the Peace Tower...
(check out my hat, It should say 'I'm a dorky tourist' *sigh*)
More pics of our week long holly day extravaganza to come!!

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