Saturday, January 17, 2009

Going back...

Back to the roots.

Here I am again .. in this place. 'Things' (oh the elusive conclusions that such a word as 'things' can bring about) are changing here. Big things, and smaller things.

Changing can sure leave you in a whirlwind if you don't take hold of at least a moment in each day to recognize where you are in life.

Realizing God has you in your place for a reason is certainly something to continue to recognize. But more importantly, recognizing why or what exactly God has you in your place for, is sure nice to know. Ain't it? I guess sometimes those reasons are as elusive as that shady word...'things'.

'I've got you there for ... 'Things',... My 'Things' Leanne.' ' Have a little faith would ya?'

So here I sit. With my faith.

Patience is a virtue, and it is one of those 'things' I haven't yet mastered.

I've been reading lately and the themes that continue to stick with me are: keeping good people silent and complacent are keys to Satans attacks. Whether it be through fear, lack of communication, idleness, anger, or lacklustre ...

Y'all, I love Jesus and I just want you to know it. I'm sick of the idleness..

I'm ready for a re-vamp. An over-haul. A Tune up. Whatever you wanna call it, I'm gearing up for some serious listening.

Listening and patience. Ohhhh me.

Trusting... and Patience...and Listening.

And then suddenly...


Elizabeth said...

This is a great post! I too tend to get caught up in the complacent Christian attitude sometimes, so I am with you on needing a little Christian fire in my life! It's good to be reminded, and it's good to know that it isn't just me!

Anonymous said...