Saturday, January 17, 2009

a- HA!!

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I listened. He answered.

Not 20 minutes after writing that post I began to read a book by Francis Shaeffer and read with me what he writes.

(He speaks of how God used Moses' shepherding staff to preform miracles, victories, and judgements : Book of Exodus)

'Consider the mighty ways in which God used a dead stick of wood. "God so used a stick of wood", can be a banner cry for each of us. Though we are limited and weak in talent, physical energy, and psychological strength, we are not less than a stick of wood.' ... 'The Scripture emphasizes that much can some from little if the little is truly consecrated to God. There are no little people and no big people in the true spiritual sense, but only consecrated and unconsecrated people. The problem for each of us is applying this truth to ourselves: is Frances Shaeffer the Francis Shaeffer of God?'

Is Leanne G. the Leanne G. of God?

and here's when I knew God wanted me to read this very page right now...

'No little Places' (!!!!!)
But if a Christian is consecrated, does this mean he will be in a big place instead of a little place? The answer, the next step, is very important : as there are no little people in God's sight, so there are no little places. To be wholly committed to God in the place where God wants him - this is the creature glorified.' .... 'This means being what He wants me to be, where he wants me to be.'

Darn tootin. if that wasn't the answer I was looking for then I don't know what is.


If you're more confused then ever, my apologies.. sometimes I like to shake the place up :P

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