Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm fuzzy in my thinking...just awoke from a glorious nap with my baby (who is still snoring..). It's been a lovely stay-at-home-mom kind of day, sun shining in the windows, Eden giving each of her dollies a diaper change and a dance (....even the freaky one with the broken eye and the backwards head...she's an equal opportunity kind of caretaker, just as any real mommy would be) And I've been dilly dallying... at little of this and a little of that.

We were out to feed the cows for a bit, throwing their hay back into their mangers, then we headed over to the heifer barn where the calves and smaller cows are. I haven't been out to the barn in a bit as I become a complete hermit in these canadian winters, and was shocked at the size of the bulls. Dang, those are some big boys. Eden and I were throwing their hay in too, and she whipped off her mitten to feed the big guy some hay, with no fear.

Moving here when I married Dwight, brought a whole new existence for me. As I had not been near livestock on any given day...except maybe the local fair or that time I leaned over a fence line to pet a horse and was given the eye-opener of a lifetime through the trusty electric fence. If the electric current wasn't on a pulse, I'd a been there all day, pettin' that pony with my eyes rolling back in my head.

The longer I've lived here, the more the familiarity I've felt with the cows. But there still comes a time when I feel that ol' fear creep back in.. like today standing in front of that big ol' bull with his oogly eyes and mammoth head. Eden stood there like he was a labrador retriever and she was giving him his treat. He sniffed that little hand with some serious wind, puffing and huffing in those big dew-y nostrils. She giggled.

Guess that fear is developed. Good thing big scared momma was there, or this 2 year old woulda been riding this big bronco to town.

Oh, and while I was in the barn I happened upon a great future blog post. Cows and their hair do's. ohh-ho-ho, are you in for a REAL treat when I get that one posted.

Until then.

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Lotte said...

Real good to read your stories again!