Monday, August 14, 2006

Are you there?...

Picture A
I've decided to play a little farm trivia game with you ...whoever you are.

It's a guessing game of sorts...I will post 3 pictures and you have to guess what they are. Here goes:

Picture B
And more specifically - what KIND of flower is pic C?

The prize will be awarded to the person with the most correct answers and as well the first person to reply. The prize will be... the unbelievable fame brought upon you by being mentioned in my next blog post. Enjoy!!

Picture C


Anonymous said...

Picture A: A crack in the dry ground?

Picture B: Moss on a tree trunk

Picture C: Daylily??

Hope I have made you laugh, I am sure you will get varrying responses:)
All the best

That was fun!!!
Hope you are well

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love games!!!

A - Old Barrel
B - Moss on a Tree
C - Rock Rose


Anonymous said...

a. you caught me without my makeup on
b. bark with moss
c. hollyhocks

JEN said...

old cracked window ledge
mossy bark
a pink flower (duh)