Friday, September 08, 2006


So I've finally come to the conclusion that my son has a Chinese accent. It's just certain words he says, and certain letters he cannot pronounce yet. Here are a few of the words I enjoy hearing him say:

Ho = Hole (ie - there's a ho in my shirt)
rehwee = really ( I like hearing this one used several times in a row ie- Mom, I rehwee, rehwee need some hewp)
pantayoons = pantaloons (I taught him this word for the sole reason of hearing him say it the way he does)

I really love this age (2.5), he's just such a conversationalist and really picks up on new phrases. The other day we were in the kitchen and he wanted Ashlyn to follow him so he said 'c'mon amigo, this way' . Gotta love Dora The Explorer. He's also learned please and thank you and how to count to 5 in Spanish, thanks to Dora. So maybe some TV isn't such a bad thing, huh?

As for Ashlyn, well her injuries are coming along nicely, the forehead scab has now fallen off (she probably ate it, she seems to find every possible thing she shouldn't eat ...and eat it, the other day I found a cricket bum in her mouth...I got it out and was so relieved she hadn't swallowed it, but she kept coughing and sure enough the head was lodged at the back of her tongue. Are you puking yet? This is my life folks....) and her nose scab is shrinking nicely. Babies heal so fast, it amazes me. She has fallen lots since, but not on her head, thankfully. As posted earlier, she likes to head - butt, but has realized I'm not always around to practice on, so she's taken to smacking herself upside the head. I wonder about her sometimes : )

We had friends over last night and they have 2 children (12 and 10) They played very nicely with Gabe and Ash and it was a fun night for all. The parents have home schooled their children and I can't say enough good things about these kids. They have personalities that are so entertaining, they love the Lord so much and discuss it so freely, they are very respectful and yet so completely normal. It really threw the whole stigma of, HS children being un-social, out the window. Dwight and I have been tossing around the idea, and although we haven't made any decisions yet, it was just nice to see that it can be done.

Well onto another subject...we've also been tossing around the idea of building a greenhouse. I would love to have some space to play in the dirt, grow some veggies and get some plants started. We also like the idea of having some chickens and are thinking about building a small coop. Well I should say I like the idea of having some chickens in my freezer. I thought maybe it would be hard to 'bring them away' at the end, but as soon as I think Swiss Chalet sauce I'm okay with it all. Dwight on the other hand can NOT stand chickens as he once had a bad experience with a flock of chickens pecking at his little boots when he was small. But he eats 'em up just fine....(some kind of revenge I'm sure)
If you have any knowledge on greenhouses or raising chickens (or any other knowledge I could find useful), please lemme know.


Anonymous said...

peck peck...peck peck peck...i am a peck chicken peck...i think you should raise turkeys peck peck...they are bigger peck peck...and juicier peck peck...please don't eat my family peck peck...thank you peck.

Janalynn Menter said...

Hey Leanne... I have really been enjoying your blog, you have many interesting stories!!

I wanted to leave a comment telling you that Shiloh & I have been considering homeschooling as well. It is very common here in Lincoln, Nebraska and there are many resources and co-op homeschools as well. I am very much in favor of homeschooling and would love to chat more with you about it.

I hope Ashlyn is doing better...i just started Ezekiel on rice cereal last night, what a messy party!! I'm sure i'll have lots of grasshopper bums to look forward to as well one day!!

Love and miss you, Janalynn :)